Do you have these problems with your website?

A good website needs good promotion, and the smell of wine is also afraid of the deep alleys. If these problems always haunt you, please contact us, Meicheng Internet provides you with professional search engine optimization services (SEO): Baidu, Google ranks on the left Service, so that every penny you invest in get a super value return!

Why the website has been revised many times and it still has no effect?

It takes a lot of time, money and energy but it only produces a vase effect

Why does the competitor’s website rank higher than my website?

Why are few people visiting our company's website?

Why is it difficult to find our company's website in search engines?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO in Chinese means that search engine optimization optimizes the website reasonably by summing up the ranking rules of search engines.


Baidu optimized ranking

By performing SEO on the natural ranking on the left side of Baidu, your website ranks higher and easier to be found by various search engines


Google optimized ranking

Make your website rank higher by SEO on Google's natural ranking and be easier to find by various search engines

Through our optimization, in addition to Baidu and Google, keywords may also appear in

Search engine optimization service (SEO) rules?

Search engine optimization is an important part of network marketing management

It has obvious effects for website promotion, online branding, product promotion, online sales, etc. As a professional network marketing consulting company, Meicheng Internet has an unparalleled competitive advantage in website search engine optimization. It will help you analyze keywords and every detail of the website, and adopt a very effective way for search engines to improve you Website.

The ideal result of website search engine optimization work is to improve the ranking results of the company's website in the field of keywords

In turn, it can accurately hit the target audience of the website, and promote the increase of website visits and product sales.

SEO is the abbreviation of English Search Engine Optimization

It is aimed at the optimization of the website in terms of search engine keyword ranking. The optimized website can not only improve the keyword ranking in Baidu and Google, but will also affect the ranking results of any other search engine in the world, allowing you to advertise Find a better combination between input and cost reduction.

The search engine optimization service of Yijue Internet includes the following items

  • Website technical structure analysis
  • Other search engines of the company
  • Professional review
  • The correctness of HTML/CSS syntax
  • Browser compatibility test
  • Website information navigation optimization
  • Site interaction analysis
  • Single page optimization for different products and services
  • Link correctness check
  • Comprehensive inspection of related product information (directly affect your users to obtain useful information)

Yijue Internet search engine optimization workflow

Startup phase

You provide us with the keywords you need;
Conduct audience analysis on the website to be optimized;
According to the situation of the website you provided, Meicheng Internet will further analyze the search habits and search psychology of the browsing objects;
Determine the main marketing keywords and auxiliary marketing keywords of the website;

Competitive website analysis

According to the determined marketing keywords, we will analyze the peer websites in your field,
The main analysis content includes:
1. Website structure analysis
2. Analysis of search engine optimization
3. Analysis of website optimization
4. Analysis of the data situation of the search engine

Website structure optimization

Comply with the international WEB standard, through the adjustment of the website structure,Improve the overall environment of your own website to make the corporate website more in line with users’ browsing habits and the inclusion criteria of search engines.Keep the website in the leading position in the field for a long time.